September 13, 2020

7 Tips to Find Affordable Self Storage in Vancouver

Nowadays, people are constantly in need of a reliable storage unit near them. They do not have enough space in their homes or offices to store their items, yet they can’t throw them away. Or if you’re a small business owner, you might need more space for your bulky inventory and equipment. Besides, a storage unit is great for students who don’t want to haul their furniture home. Here in Vancouver, there are so many storage facilities, how do you choose? There are many kinds of storage units out there, but that could be a topic of its own. Our focus today is on the things to consider when choosing the right storage unit in Vancouver, and how to find these affordable storage facilities.

1. The location of the storage unit

It is imperative to always choose a storage unit that is located near you. Storage near you guarantees accessibility, especially if you need to access your items more frequently. The location of a storage unit could also determine its cost. Most often, storage units located in downtown Vancouver are more expensive. If you are looking for an affordable storage in Vancouver, suburbs are likely to be cheaper. However, there are exceptions such as our Advanced Storage Centres Vancouver location which is located near Brentwood and we offer competitive prices.  We often have promotional discounts that will allow you to store in metro Vancouver at an affordable price!


2. The size of the storage unit

The size of a storage unit is a crucial factor that must be taken into consideration when looking for the right storage facility. You should always consider the square footage of the storage unit before settling. The reason is you need to be sure that the items you plan to store in the storage facility fits in terms of both the width and height. A smaller 5×5 unit will fit a few moving boxes and a larger 5×10 storage will fit a couch and some small furniture. That said, the bigger storage units in Vancouver are more expensive than the smaller ones. You’re always welcome to take a free tour at any Advanced Storage Centres location to find the right size for your needs!


3. The gate hours and accessibility

The importance of a convenient storage facility can never be over emphasized. Of course, you should opt for a storage unit where you can have access to your items whenever you need them. Before you rent, you should always check the gate access hours. At Advanced Storage Centres we are open 365 days a year so you always have access to your stuff. Another factor to consider is the accessibility of your storage unit. Some storage facilities have multiple floors, so the higher you go, the harder it will be to move your stuff in and out. Make sure the unit you’re renting has conveniently located elevators or you’ll be in for a vigorous exercise! Alternatively, there are drive up units, meaning it’s all ground floor and you can drive your car to your unit. You should opt for drive up units if you need to access your items frequently.

4. The safety features of the storage facility

If you are looking for a storage near you, it will be logical to settle for one that is highly secured. Therefore, while searching for a storage near you, you should always remember to ask if the facilities you are considering have video monitoring or in-person surveillance. You might also want to settle for a storage facility that is well lit all the times. This will definitely guarantee your own safety whenever you want to check on your items. At all of our locations, we have 24/7 recorded video surveillance in secure, gated facilities.

5. Do you need a climate controlled storage facility?

Climate controlled storage units maintain a consistent temperature all year round. But they may come at a premium. Depending on what you’re storing, you might not need climate control units.  Basic storage solutions will suffice for most household items. If you are storing antiques, records, books, valuable electronics, then a climate controlled unit is recommended.

6. The online reviews

Never ever choose a storage facility without taking into considerations what their past clients are saying about them. After all, you wouldn’t buy anything online without checking the reviews, right? But you must always consider it at the back of your head that most people who post reviews are often extremists who are either really impressed or unimpressed about the services they received. Not all reviews are equal. Be sure to consider the date of the reviews because management can change over time. A new management can give new life to a storage facility and completely uplift the units. That said, you should be vigilant and look out for those frequently mentioned issues, which could be an indication that you will probably experience the same problem. The bottom line is that while searching for a storage near you in Vancouver, be ready to choose one that has lots of recent positive reviews.

7. Price

Price isn’t everything, but it is important. You can always call around to find the cheapest price. But cheapest can often cost you in the long term because your items may be damaged or unsecure. So we suggest choosing a storage unit that’s fairly priced while maintaining all essential features. Be careful of the minimum length of stay! You don’t want to be locked into a contract that’s longer than you need. We understand your pain so that’s why at Advanced Storage Centres you pay on a month to month basis and you can cancel with just a two day notice!


Looking to book a storage unit now?

In summary, there’s a storage unit out there for everyone. You should always take the time to choose the best storage unit that matches your needs and budget. If you’d like some help in making your decision, feel free to give us a call anytime! You can reach our Vancouver location at 604-251-2017. You can also book a unit directly online.